SK KG TEKAJONG: #mydigitalmaker Fair

Nama Sekolah: SK Kg Tekajong

Nama Program / Intervensi: #mydigitalmaker Fair  

Mata Pelajaran: -

Tarikh Pelaksanaan Program / Intervensi: 28 - 31 Oktober 2022

Kumpulan Sasaran: Semua murid

Pengisian Program / Intervensi:

"The #mydigitalmaker Movement was launched in August 2016 and is a joint public private academia initiative to transform Malaysian youth from digital users to producers in the digital economy. This includes skills such as coding, app development, 3D printing, robotics, embedded systems, and data analytics, all of which will ultimately help to strengthen problem solving and creativity amongst our current and future generation. 

#mydigitalmaker Fair 2022 will be held virtually starting from the 16th of October to the 13th November 2022 on a region to region basis."

The pupils of SK Kg Tekajong have registered in the online community site for the #mydigitalmaker fair using their DELIMa 2.0 email addresses. They have watched and joined the online webinars over the weekend as much as they can despite the internet access difficulty. 

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Semoga inisiatif ini mampu diteruskan dan dimurnikan bagi murid-murid di kawasan pedalaman agar tidak tercicir dalam kemajuan dan kemahiran digital. 

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